How to start logging in trips using an iphone

1. First, you need to ensure that at least one vehicle is register in your account. Please see section “how can I register a vehicle” session for more information.

2. If you plan to submit the report to a reimbursement source, other than the US IRS, you need to register a new reimbursement source under the “Companies” tap. Please see section on “how can I register a reimbursement source” for more information.

 From your TaxMileage app dashboard/resume screen, click on the New Trip button located on the bottom of the screen.

Select your reimbursement source and the date of your trip by clicking on top of each field. Press the OK button when you are done.

Please fill out your trip information by adding the required fields such as the vehicle in use, the trip purpose, objective, address, and the initial and final odometer readings.

In addition to enter you odometer reading, you can also take a picture to increase your report accuracy and reduce the risk of disputes, by clicking on the photo button that allows you to choose a picture from your local library or take a live photo using your mobile camera.

7. You now have the option to add the odometer reading at your destination to conclude the trip or press the GPS tracking button to live record your trajectory and calculate your odometer at the end of the trip. Make sure to click on stop record button at your destination to conclude the trip. Make sure to click on the save button to log your trip.

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